Iqama,Visa, Traffic Fines Check in Saudi Arabia

this app is a must app if you are living in Saudi Arabia (KSA) because you can easily check almost every type of things that you should know while you are living in KSA,

some main functions of this app :

1. To check Iqama validity or expiry date online :
to check your iqama expiry or validity date in Saudi Arabia you can easily check iqama expiry and what you need is only iqama number.

with this app, You can check your applied application, issued Saudi Arabia visa and other electronic services by entering your application number and passport number by this app.
You have an option at the top for selecting your preferred language either in English or Arabic(KSA). Follow Up: Family Visit Visa Status
Enter your visa application number, passport number, and the image catch code and easily check the visa status of Saudi Arabia KSA.

in this app section, you can check your exit and entry visa date with this app

4. Traffic fines in KSA
if you are driving in Saudi Arabia. no doubt you will get many traffic fines via traffic violations and if you want to check your fines it is a very difficult process but we made this easy for you with this app just click on traffic fines check and write iqama number and done it will show your traffic fines

5. now you can create and manage the national address of Saudi Arabia that is mostly used in all Saudi Arabia banks to register your atm cards...

and you will get many more functions with this app that we include in our next updates