The biggest problem with new YouTubers

The biggest problem with new YouTubers is that G-Views don't come.

But ۔ ۔ ۔ Have you ever tried to bring views? Ask yourself a question. ۔ ۔ Certainly not the answer.

Let's face it, no one helps, no one promotes new YouTubers. ۔ ۔ Why promote? Why? After all, if a new YouTuber does not promote himself, why would anyone else promote him?

Look, a lot of people talk about promoting me even though my channel is small and I have never talked to anyone about promotion. I just understood the YouTube game.

Look, listen to me, why would another servant promote you when you don't promote yourself? And you probably won't benefit from the promotion anyway, because the fun comes only when organic viewers and subscribers come to see your content. So they can watch your next videos too.

New YouTubers don't share their own videos on social media. If you visit their profile and you don't find the link to their youtube video on their own profile, then let us know which person will post their own videos on their profile. If he doesn't share, then why would another person share his video.

You guys are brand new. You made a channel on YouTube today. No one knows you, but on Facebook, people know you. Post on Facebook that I have started a YouTube channel on such and such a topic. This is his link. Go and visit. If you like the videos, subscribe.

Visit my profile I share each of my videos on my Facebook profile. Why is it that brother needs views? People don't need to watch videos but we need views, so it is better than talking to others. Please correct yourself. Allah will make you successful.

Create your own account on all social media and share your videos on them. YouTube has no problem sharing your videos. If YouTube has a sharing problem then why does it give 11 different platforms for sharing that you can share your videos here because they are given because no one knows you on YouTube so in the early days you Bring your own identity to YouTube. When a few views start coming, then YouTube itself promotes new YouTubers.

Hopefully, you will do justice to yourself because only you can make you successful, not the other servant's chance to make you successful.

Servants of Allah, understand my words.